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    At Wabi Sabi & Me, each gift is hand-crafted, unique, and best of all, MADE IN SINGAPORE by real people using real skills honed and perfected with decades of experience.

    Your customers will appreciate that you acknowledge their individuality by presenting them gifts that are unique and one of a kind just like they are.

    Take for example, our 18k gold plated porcelain earrings and cufflinks - each pair is completely unique - no two are the same - just the kind of message you want to send to your customers as a token of appreciation and understanding of their individual needs.

    Because of our in-house production and design, we are able to customize items based on your requirements. From simple changes to our existing designs to a complete bespoke experience, we are skilled at turning your ideas into reality.

    You can also send your customers a personalized message. Our graphic designer can create unique message cards and artwork tailored specifically to the occasion i.e. Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, reward cards, or just a simple "Thank You" etc.

    Contact us below to make your corporate gifting fun, beautiful, joyful & most importantly pain-free!


    Above photos showcase a project we completed for Millennium Hotels & Resorts for 13 of their top female bookers. We were able to produce and fulfill this project in just 5 business days. 13 pairs of blue and white porcelain stud earrings all one of a kind with a customized message card for each recipient. Postage and fulfillment was serviced by us.