About Wabi Sabi & Me

Where East Meets West.

Evoking the rich craft traditions of the exotic East, we create demi-fine jewelry & objects combining artisanship and classic designs with a textural elegance. Porcelains are set in copper then gold or silver plated.

Working with colors, textures, and patterns, our specialty lies in bringing out the exotic flora & fauna found in porcelain painting. Each piece of porcelain is cut by hand after carefully considering the most interesting scenes or motifs to highlight.

Our brand is a natural creative extension of its founders. 

The pieces are influenced by eastern traditions worked with western jewelry craftsmanship. Our aesthetic is informed by the lives we have lived - in New York, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore - where we have worked in the fine jewelry, gemstone & diamond, and art & antiques business.


What's In A Name?

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese concept which loosely translates to describe the appreciation of beauty in imperfections.

Because each item from Wabi Sabi & Me is hand-crafted with natural materials & semi-precious stones, imperfections and all, this idea resonated with us so much, we named our company after it.