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Bespoke earrings to match my dress

After traveling through several countries in Asia, I was looking to purchase something special to commemorate our trip. With an upcoming wedding to attend back home, I purchased a pair of peony motif porcelain earrings that almost exactly matches my designer dress. It was a hit!

Chor Li - Seattle

Heirloom dishes from Grandpa

Mother inherited a set of blue-and-white porcelain dishes from her father. For my wedding, she commissioned seven pairs of earrings and cufflinks made from the heirloom dishes to give as thank-you gifts to members of my family-- some of whom teared up as they remembered Grandpa. Thank you for making these one-of-a-kind, special bespoke pieces! 

M. Edlin

Unique & understated. Perfect.

I was looking for something unique but not flashy to wear to my parent's big anniversary celebration. I got so many compliments from everyone! They all wanted to know where I got them.

Kelen A.