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    Wabi Sabi World:

    Chinese Silk Painting

    Hi all,

    Happy 2019! I've been remiss in writing in this journal last year. Will resolve to update this space more often in 2019. 

    In the meantime, I found this mesmerizing clip on the process of Chinese silk painting from the V & A Museum and just had to share it here. I've always wondered how the paint adhered to and absorbed into silk which is such a slippery fabric. Mystery solved!


    George Town Festival 2018

    George Town Festival 2018

    Recently we were invited by the Singapore Tourism Board to participate in George Town Festival. 

    For those who are unfamiliar, George Town is the capital and historic center of Penang, Malaysia situated by the Malacca Strait. If you like your towns steeped in history, with atmospheric streets lined with heritage architecture then this little gem is for you.

    In 2008, George Town was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site - and rightly so! Every where you turn, there is something to feast your eyes on. The historic center is quite small and is totally walkable with lots of street art and 19th century architecture to meander through and admire.

    I didn't get to take that many photos during daylight as we were busy with the festival but we did manage to walk around on the first night to capture some amazing sights. 

    There's lots of Chinese influence here in architecture and food as Chinese migrants landed and settled in Penang in the 19th century. Speaking of food ... Penang is well known for its take on SE Asian food and we did manage to try some local fares but I forgot to take photos of any, ha! Too hungry for futzing around with the camera.

    Here we were displaying our porcelain jewelry.

    It was a neat experience and we had a great time although I wish we had a little more time during the day to fill our bellies with local cuisine as some of the more well known food places close early and don't do dinner service.

    And here's a parting shot. Just love these circular walls in Chinese courtyards.

    x 'til next time!

    The Local: 'Dragon Kiln' Singapore

    The Local: 'Dragon Kiln' Singapore

    I've been reading about Singapore's 'dragon kiln' for a while. Finally, this past weekend, I made it there. This place is HUGE! If you're a ceramic and pottery enthusiast, this is a must-see. 



     Left: The mouth of the 'dragon kiln'. Right: The body of the kiln on an incline with little 'windows'.

    Most people come here to see the main attraction - the aptly named 'dragon kiln'. It's basically an ancient type of pottery firing set-up used throughout Asia and invented in China. The kiln is shaped like a tunnel with a mouth where the fire is started and maintained. This particular one in Singapore was built in the 1940s but there are ones in China that have been around for hundreds of years. The dragon kiln is only fired up a few times a year. I asked the lady when the next firing is and she said December. So, I guess you will have to wait!

     Peranakan style tableware

    I came here expecting to see the kiln and some pottery for sale but what surprised me was the size of this place and all the other stuff there is to see! There is old Peranakan furniture, lots and lots of pottery from tiny toothpick holders to large wash basins, to antique kimonos, to new Peranakan style tableware etc.


    You can even sign up for hand-built and wheel throwing pottery workshops.

    What a neat discovery!


    The Workshop: Tassel Earrings

    The Workshop: Tassel Earrings

    Hey y'all! This Saturday Apr 28, I will be conducting a workshop at LUMINE Singapore's gorgeous store at Clarke Quay Central where I'll be showing you how to make these fun and bold tassel earrings with leather and paper florets. Go sign up in the link in bio on Insta You're gonna get some free stuff with your sign-up! Go. Now.

    Love Notes: S.Ong

    Love Notes: S.Ong

    I'm so in love with these graphic blue and white porcelain earrings with pearls. The best part is, the studs can be worn on their own, separate from the porcelain jackets. Not usually one to brag, but that was a stroke of genius! And as evidenced in the pic, you thought so too! Because you bought one for yourself and one for your sis! Oh, and the black onyx triangle tab earrings that we custom cut and made for your cuz, hawt!!

    The Cool Hunt: Threads For Kiddos

    The Cool Hunt: Threads For Kiddos

    I know many of you are mommas out there! I keep seeing amazing little outfits on Instagram . . .  they're so good, it's a waste not to share! Enjoy.

    Pink Chicken

    Maybe you've seen Mila Stauffer's sassy videos on Facebook, maybe you haven't  . . . but, she's how I discovered Pink Chicken. Mila and her twin sister teamed up with this New York based company and came up with some seriously cute vintage-inspired little dresses. Just love the smocking on the Mila dress!


     Coco and Ginger

    For something a little closer to home, this Bali-based Australian company churns out bright, beachy attire for you and your little one to frolick in on your next resort vacay! Even this little girl on the left knows the dress she's wearing is yummy! Haha.


    Gardner And The Gang

    Saved the best for last! Gardner And The Gang is a Singapore-based children's clothing line made with organic cotton and eco materials. All the printed artwork is original and hand-drawn. I was tipped off by my nephew on this one!