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Wabi Sabi and Me

Banded agate 'urchin' textured cufflinks

Banded agate 'urchin' textured cufflinks

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Natural banded agate cufflinks. 'Urchin' textured 24k gold plated setting. Approx. 0.75” diameter. Handcrafted. One of a kind.

In Persia and Asia, agates had been used as an anecdote to fevers. They were placed in the mouth to relieve thirst and reduce one’s temperature. The Book of Saxon Leechdoms written in 1864 writes that agate prevents harm from thunder, sorcery, demonic possession, poison, and drunkenness.


Agates have long been attributed with the ability to aid in love, wealth, good luck, longevity, courage, protection and healing, balance, harmony, generosity, strength, security, and the appreciation of nature. Agates are stable and grounding and help one discover their natural talents.

Agates foster precision. They are useful talismans for accountants and bankers.

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