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Join our workshops and flex your creative muscles. Purchase our baubles and pull in some color to your lives. Support an independent business that creates joyful, original, hand crafted, and not-seen-anywhere-else designs!

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese concept which roughly translates to mean the appreciation of beauty in imperfections. When you wear one of our pieces, you will feel the human touch that mass-produced things just don't have.

Many of our designs use natural gemstones which contain beautiful imperfections. Each stone that we use has been carefully hand selected from their raw state. We deal with small scale gem traders because we believe in supporting small businesses. We know our suppliers by name and know their children by name. Every step of the process in creating our pieces is imbued with human connections.


Our Story:


About our jewelry:

Handcrafted textural, modern, elegant gemstone jewelry. Much of our inspiration comes from textiles & heritage. Each piece is sustainably handcrafted. We distinguish ourselves by cutting and polishing gemstones in-house from their raw state and creating many one of a kind designs.

"Inspiration comes from all around us. From the natural patterns & inclusions in a stone to textiles and architecture. We love to create pieces that are completely unique and have a sense of whimsy. Color is an important part of our design process. We try to imbue a sense of fun into everything we do.” We are comprised of a Graduate Gemologist from the GIA and a bench jeweler / stone cutter. After each cutting our teeth in Manhattan’s diamond & jewelry district for over a decade, we joined forces to create a line of boho luxe jewelry that combines the aesthetics of high end jewelry with affordable materials.

"I started Wabi Sabi & Me after being unable to find the jewelry I wanted. Something that was high quality, colorful, and stylish but also comfortable and flattering. In the process, I realized the importance of wearing jewelry that was as beautiful as we deserved to feel."

“I like to explore the technical aspects of jewelry making. From using non-traditional materials; to fabricating pieces using only what was available in ancient times; to employing classic silver/goldsmithing techniques. There is so much that goes into the making of each piece - all the moving parts that have to jive to make a necklace lay just right or to have an earring swing just so to catch the light.”

About our stones & materials: There are no straight lines in nature. Yet, nature is perfectly balanced. At Wabi Sabi & Me, we seek to discover beauty in gemstones that tell the story of their formation from deep within the earth and their voyage to the surface. Like the lines on a beautiful face, each imperfection makes them ever more alluring. We use the simplest of settings in gold, sterling silver, brass, stainless steel, titanium, cotton, silk and leather to accentuate the asymmetry & imperfections creating keepsakes that reflect the wabi-sabi philosophy. We source rough gemstones ethically and directly from miners and small-scale traders. The metal and other materials we use are sourced from small family businesses whenever possible.


About us:

My husband and I have both been multi-hyphenates long before it became a buzzword. In addition to gems and jewelry - the area that we chose to focus on for our careers - we both have other varied interests that we spend lots of time on.

I love textiles, art & history. I knit, craft, sew, paint and draw. He loves reptiles, animal husbandry, creating homemade brews (perhaps he got that from his bootlegger grandfather) and various other "manly" crafts.

Occasionally, we teach workshops in these other interests of ours.