We Make Porcelain, Gemstone Demi Fine Jewelry Steeped In Heritage

After another move, we unpacked some things in storage. 

One little blue and white porcelain bowl became a casualty. The broken piece sat on my sideboard for a long while until I had the idea to merge my jewelry background with it. The result is Wabi Sabi and Me.

Rethinking Traditions

We make modern, artful demi fine jewelry and objects by reimagining traditions with a fresh point of view.  Using unique materials, like porcelains,  paired with natural gemstones each piece is artistically handcrafted with an expressive textural elegance.

Many of our pieces are custom created.
If you would like something made for you, send us a message.


Occasionally, we conduct workshops for the public to learn more about artisanship,
jewelry making, gemstones, and jewelry history.
We also offer workshops for corporate clients or private events.

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