Valentine's Day Instagram Giveaway!

OMG, you guys!
Can you believe Valentine's Day is just around the corner? It feels like we barely got done with Christmas and New Years, then the Lunar New Year rolled around, and now it's Valentine's Day! So many excuses to dress up and wear pretty things, right?

To celebrate this day of love, I'm giving away 3 pairs of my popular tassel earrings! Worth $90 each.

Giveaway Rules:
1. Follow Wabi Sabi & Me on Instagram @wabisabiandme
2. Like the Giveaway post
3. Comment and tag 3 female friends
That's it! So simple.

What you stand a chance to win:

Back row:
Left: "Hot Stuff" - solid pink fringe with hologram loop and clear crystal binding paired with white freshwater pearl & sterling silver ear studs.
Right: "XOXO" - variegated dark red and pink fringe with metallic red loop and smoky crystal binding paired with black freshwater pearl & sterling silver ear studs.
Front row:
"Kiss Me" - variegated light pink and ivory fringe with peach colored loop and champagne crystal binding paired with natural raw pink spinel gemstones & sterling silver ear studs.


* Winners will be announced on Wabi Sabi & Me's Insta and contacted by Direct Message on Insta for their shipping address on Feb 8 after 9pm.
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More about my tassels:
My tassel jackets are super versatile and look great dangling from pearl studs, cluster earrings, button earrings, diamond studs, to rhinestone earrings depending on the desired finished look. 
I've been getting a lot of interest in them and customers snap up 2-3 pairs at a time to mix and match. The tassels come in 2 lengths (2" and 2.75") to accommodate a variety of hair lengths and faces.
Colorways can be customized. For customization, all I need is a Pantone # or just a picture of something you want to match it to :) This option has been really popular and I get a lot of requests to match to a dress for a wedding or a special occasion.
'til next time!