PROTECT - Pink Spinel Crystal Talisman Necklace

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Red/pink spinel is often mistaken for a ruby. Indeed, the famous Black Prince's Ruby in the British crown jewels is red spinel. Henry V wore it on his helmet at Agincourt (the helmet saved his life from an axe blow by the Duke of Alençon.)

For this reason, red/pink spinel is considered protective against physical attack, particularly for women in combat or who work in hazardous jobs. This stone will also give strength in any bad situation such as divorce or job loss, to fight on and to obtain your rights without resorting to aggressiveness. [Eason, p. 91]

There are so many reasons to love this necklace!  

This natural gemstone was cut by hand. With little or no metal around the stone, it touches the skin, magnifying its vibration on your well-being . . .  So wear it, give it, love it, and get ready for all the positive energy it sends your way! 

  • Stone: pink spinel

  • Stone dimensions:

  • Length: 18"

  • Closure: sterling silver spring ring

  • Chain/cord (your choice!): A. woven silk cord in gold or silver or B. solid Italian .925 sterling silver chain

  • Inspiration message card

Please note your chain or cord color preference in 'special instructions for seller' in your cart. If no preference is given, you will receive the necklace as pictured.

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