Electro Etching Workshop || Private Session March 10

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This is a 3-hour long workshop.

Date: Saturday Mar 10, 2018 

Time: 11 am - 2 pm

Location: TBD

Turn your doodles into jewelry!

Make cufflinks, earrings, pendants with your own drawings or custom designs.

Participants will have the choice to make either a pair of cufflinks or earrings or 2 pendants.
Students will learn:
  • photo transfer of drawing to metal
  • developing photo transfer
  • etching pattern onto metal
  • cleaning / finishing metal
We will be using brass as the base.
Students will have the choice to have their design silver or gold plated after project completion for an additional charge of $20.
If silver or gold plating is requested, the finished piece will be sent to you by post one week after the workshop.


♦ Use your own sketches/drawings! Yes! Doodle something and have them etched and made into a piece of jewelry!

♦ We also have many design templates you can choose from: sugar skulls, geometric repeating patterns, floral designs, animal prints etc.

IMPORTANT NOTE - if you would like to use your own drawings (or your kids' drawings!), please contact us after purchase of workshop. You will need to email us the drawing at least one week ahead of workshop date so we can make preparations. 

About Electro Etching: 

Fun fact - this technique is similar to the one used to etch micro chips in the technology sector.

A simple and creative way to etch any design on metal without the use of laser machines or CNC routers. Participants can draw their own designs or use templates provided. Through the use of electricity, designs are etched onto metal surfaces. From there, the etched metal can be fashioned into useful objects e.g. earrings, pendants, cufflinks.

x See you there!