Anode Cage. Electroform. Perfect For Nickel Plating! Use Pipe, sheet, or pipe SCRAP! Vertical Glass Beaker size 1 pc.

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Stop Messing around with anodes and spend more time plating! 


This anode cage is designed to be long lasting, heat, and acid resistant. 


Anode cage, fill it with copper pipe, sheet, balls, bars or pipe SCRAP! Have a ton of clippings, 1/2 worn anodes? Pop them into the cage and electroform away. No need to labor over hanging anodes or fret over broken anode connections. Spend more time creating and not maintaining!


For Electroform and Acid Copper Plating we recommend using phosphorous bearing copper, not pure copper.


Each anode cage includes hang wires and an anode bag.


For best results use a pair for even metal distribution and with agitation to avoid current lines.


Great for nickel plating in a beaker

Easily maintain perfect anode to cathode ratio

Add or subtract anode quantity easily

Perfect for 15mm / .6″ copper pipe

Comes with Anode cage bag and liner

Even anode distrubution for better plating

Spend your time electroforming, not messing around with anodes

Prevent current lines 

Even copper distribution

Anode bag provided keeps sludge out of your tank

Even anode distrubution for better plating

Use (clean & solder free) copper pipe scrap and save $$$$$

Use multiple cages for best results in larger tanks

DO NOT overfill as this may lead to copper over saturation in the solution

SAVE TIME, create more.

Use with Our Iron Free Anode Cage Power lead, Copper alligator clips and iron free bus bar connector


Why Go Iron / Ferrous Free?


Ferrous Free power leads will not rust

Longer lasting

Will not contaminate your solution with iron