Porcelain Collection

This collection is about transforming & elevating personal heritage and preserving memories.

When I moved back to Singapore three years ago, I inherited a large dinner set of blue and white Chinese porcelain. Growing up, we ate every meal using these familiar bowls, dishes and various other vessels and utensils; from a simple Saturday lunch at home of porridge and stir-fry noodles to larger, fancier dinner gatherings, this set of porcelain served us well and through many, many years.
Having been away for twenty years, I had forgotten about this workhorse set of dishes. Moving back into the house where my parents lived before my mother passed away in 2005, and opening the boxes that have been in storage for over ten years, I found myself looking at these “common” objects full of memories with renewed interest. 
My husband and I unpacked the boxes and unwrapped from their newspaper protection close to a hundred little blue and white trinkets, dishes, spoons, bowls, you-name-it's. We took a few pieces out for daily use and the rest we stuffed into the rosewood sideboard next to the dining table and promptly forgot about them.
During the unpacking, a few small bowls were broken. The broken pieces sat on top of the sideboard for three years.
Not wanting to throw away the broken pieces (even if in shards) as they are some of the only remaining tangible reminders of my mother, I kept on staring at them every time I sat down to have a meal.
I knew I wanted to repurpose them. 
This collection is the result of looking and thinking for three years during meal times. I wanted to transform and elevate these common objects into beautiful trinkets. In the end, I couldn’t bear to purposefully break the set that is still being stored in the sideboard, but I hunted down one of the last remaining purveyors of such things and bought many pieces to use in this collection.
Each piece is hand made in-house.