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    Gemstones & crystals demystified in this 3-hour workshop with a GIA certified gemologist.

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    Hello. I'm Rebecca, or Bex.

    I'm a GIA certified graduate gemologist and have been in the jewelry & gems industry for 15+ years in New York, Bangkok, and Singapore. Experienced in luxury retail of diamonds and jewelry; wholesale diamonds and colored gemstones to national chains and independent jewelers; as well as purveying & appraising antique and estate jewelry, I have a deep well of knowledge that I love to share! Come learn all about gems and jewelry with me!


    154 Stones & More!

    Interested in learning more about gems & gemology? Have you always been fascinated by these natural gifts of the earth but feel overwhelmed and intimated by the sheer number and variety of stones out there?

    There are over 3,000 minerals on earth but we will only focus on what is most commonly found in jewelry and stone collections. This, itself, will cover more than 150 stones.

    Join me and learn about each gem's physical and metaphysical properties. Find out what to look for when purchasing stones: what are the most desirable properties of a stone; how do those properties affect value; is it real or fake; has it been treated & so much more!

    You will have many physical samples to examine.



    Most natural gems and materials found in jewelry fall into one of the below categories.

    Mineral species of the earth:

    Azurite, Beryl, Chrysoberyl, Corundum, Diamond, Feldspar, Garnet, Hauyne, Hematite, Jade, Malachite, Opal, Peridot, Pyrite, Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Rhodonite, Sodalite, Spinel, Spodumene, Topaz, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Ziron, Zoisite


    Calcite, Glass, Coral, Pearl



    Physical & metaphysical properties

    Below is a list and the descriptions of the most common stones found in jewelry & mineral collections in their most frequently seen colors and forms.

    * commonly seen in jewelry


    (refer to mineral chart at the top of the page)

    ~~~ * Almandine ~~~

    Mineral species: garnet

    This is one of the most common varieties of garnet. Comes in red to deep red. Commonly mistakenly called almandite.

    Metaphysical properties: dispels negativity, worry and panic; helps one adhere to truth

    Keywords: strength, security


    ~~~ Sard ~~~

    Mineral species: quartz

    An opaque stone most commonly seen in carved cameos or intaglios. Similar to carnelian. Often banded and darker in color to carnelian.

    Metaphysical properties: increases one's courage and enthusiasm

    Keywords: courage, confidence, action


    ~~~ * Ruby ~~~

    Mineral species: corundum

    The red variety of corundum. One of the most precious and valuable stones. The best quality rubies can command a higher price per carat than diamonds. Most valuable color is known as 'pigeon blood' and is almost fluorescent in appearance.

    Metaphysical properties: inspires self confidence, zest for life, trust and willingess

    Keywords: life force, courage, passion


    ~~~ Mexican Cherry Opal ~~~

    Mineral species: opal

    Technically, opals are known as "mineraloids" due to their amorphous (changing, non-rigid) crystal structure. Mexican cherry opal is a rare fiery red variety of opal displaying no play of color.

    Metaphysical properties: encourages attitude of optimism and playfulness

    Keywords: creativity, passion


    ~~~ * Hessonite ~~~

    Mineral species: garnet

    An orange to reddish orange-brown variety of garnet.

    Metaphysical properties: helps one to recognize and appreciate their own virtues, bringing about a great confidence.

    Keywords: confidence, self-worth


    ~~~ * Carnelian ~~~

    Mineral species: quartz

    An opaque brownish-red variety of quartz colored by impurities of iron oxide. Have been used for millenias in jewelry. Earliest forms found as beads date back to the Early Neolithic period. Widely used in Roman times as carved gems in signet rings used to imprint a seal with wax on important documents.

    Metaphysical properties: increases one's courage and enthusiasm

    Keywords: courage, confidence, action


    ~~~ Lepidocrosite ~~~

    An iron hydroxide mineral that is most often found growing inside quartz. It forms when iron-bearing minerals are exposed to oxidation and / or weathering.

    Metaphysical properties: exerts powerful influence for emotional balance and healing

    Keywords: emotional healing, release of self-destructive patterns


    ~~~ Orthoclase ~~~

    Mineral species: feldspar

    The most commonly seen orthoclase in jewelry is moonstone.

    Metaphysical properties: encourages forbearance, calmness, patience, inner tranquility

    Keywords: mystery, intuition, self-discovery


    ~~~ *Garnet ~~~

    Mineral species: garnet

    One of the most widely used stones in jewelry throughout history dating back all the way to usage in ancient Egypt by pharaohs for decorative and ceremonial purposes. Until recently, it was thought that garnet comes in almost all colors of the rainbow except blue. However, in the late 1990's, a blue variety was discovered in Madagascar, completing the spectrum of possible colors garnets can possess. Most common color is a deep red.

    Metaphysical properties: promotes self-confidence, strength of character and joie de vivre. It bestows courage, hope and trust.

    Keywords: strength, confidence


    ~~~ Goldstone ~~~

    Man made material - glass

    This is a type of glittery glass that is man made. It is often reddish-brown with gold flecks.

    ~~~ *Pyrope ~~~

    Mineral species: garnet

    Typically a dark brownish red variety of garnet, the nicer specimens can be a fiery red or a purplish red. Similar in appearance to almandite, pyrope is one of the more common varieties of garnet. A large deposit of pyrope was found in the 16th century in central Europe and it is still being mined today in the Czech Republic. Garnets from this area are known as "Bohemian Garnets" or "Turnov Garnets". Interesting tidbit: pyrope is an indicator mineral for diamonds. 

    Metaphysical properties: restores the will to live when life has hit an all-time low; relieves anxiety

    Keywords: strength, perseverance, will




    Mineral species: NA


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.

    Madeira Citrine

    Almandite is variety of garnet.

    Imperial Topaz

    Almandite is variety of garnet.

    Poppy Topaz

    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Fire Agate

    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.

    Boulder Opal

    Almandite is variety of garnet.

    Chrysanthemum Jasper

    Almandite is variety of garnet.

    Mexican Matrix Opal

    Almandite is variety of garnet.


    Almandite is variety of garnet.