Mala Making Workshop:
Saturday Mar 3, 2018 PRIVATE SESSION

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This is a 3-hour long workshop.

Date: Saturday Mar 3, 2018

Time: 3-6 pm or 4-7 pm (TBA)

Location: TBA


What is a mala?
It is a beaded necklace consisting of a tassel, a 'guru' bead, and a fixed number of round beads that is used in meditation practice or worn as an accessory. 
Personalize your mala & set it with positive intentions.

Yoga and wellness accessories are hot right now! Mala necklaces make the perfect weekend & vacation accessory. They're fun, they're colorful, and they're addictive!

Learn the secrets of mala making, pearl knotting, and how to finish your work with a luxurious and professional touch.

What you'll learn:

• A nifty trick to turn the ends of your threads into 'needles' for any beading project

• How to thread and use a guru bead

• Hand-knotting between beads. This is a specialized skill used in fabricating luxe beaded jewelry (i.e. Mikimoto pearls.) The better you get at this, the more high-end your piece will look. I will show you a few different methods of knotting to obtain perfect results

• how to seamlessly finish your necklace

• a brief intro to malas: its symbolisms and its use in meditation

• how to meditate with your mala


Meditation in class:

If time permits, we will take the last 15 mins. of class to learn how to meditate with your mala and to calm our minds and set intentions for the week. You will receive a write-up about how to meditate with your mala and a little history of it even if we don't get to doing it in class.


What you'll take home:

• a 54 or 108 bead mala necklace made from your choice of a selection of natural gemstones finished with a silk tassel (your choice of colors from a selection). Let your creativity run wild!

NOTE - you may not be able to finish a 108 bead mala with the time alloted. However, you will learn how to easily finish it at home. 

• a few essential tools to get you started on your next mala - fine point tweezers, beading cloth etc.

• a new skill and hobby that calm your mind, bring balance to your life, and ignite your creativity!


EXTRA! EXTRA! - for an additional $10, I will show you how to make a stretchy natural gemstone bead bracelet that you can take home! Choose "bracelet add-on" in options.