Springleaf Nature Park ~ A hidden gem in the heartland

Springleaf Nature Park ~ A hidden gem in the heartland

Singapore boasts the title "Garden City" with its extensive network of small parks connecting heartland towns.

In the last few years, I visited many park connectors and one of my favorites is the little known Springleaf Nature Park.

Springleaf Nature Park is situated in the heartland connecting Lower Seletar Reservoir Park to the gorgeous Springleaf neighborhood and Sebawang Road.

I've visited on several occasions (a few hot and sunny days and a few grey sky days) and each time, it takes my breath away.

The walking path is lined by a canal teeming with water lilies that bloom at night. On a sunny day, the water in the canal shimmers like millions of little diamonds sparkling in the light.

On one occasion, I arrived in the evening and walked from the Lower Seletar Reservoir side to Sebewang Road where I had a scrumptious meal at Famous Kitchen (a local seafood restaurant) where one of their signature dishes is a Teochew style steamed soon hock. It's served on a hot platter and topped with preserved Chinese veggies and chunks of pork belly in a thick savory dark sauce.

Wanting to take a stroll after dinner, I walked through the park again, and to my delight, the water lilies had gone into bloom.

With my phone camera on night mode, I managed to capture the blooms in full glory around 10:45pm in the evening:

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