Southeast Asian fusion gluten-free appetizer

Southeast Asian fusion gluten-free appetizer

My husband is sensitive to gluten and we try to replace ingredients to make our favorite dishes and snacks gluten-free where possible. 

Recently, we found a great alternative to water crackers for making appetizers and afternoon snacks.

"Krupuk udang" or "keropok" is a tapioca based deep fried prawn cracker popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. It is believed to have been first made in West Malaysia in the 16th century with crushed prawn heads left over from a feast.

Today, they are eaten and popular all over Asia and widely available.

For my snack, I topped the prawn crackers with a dab of cream cheese and smoked pork shoulder. I've also used lox salmon a few times. But you can use any kind of salt-cured or smoked meat. Smoked duck would probably be fantastic for a party appetizer.

On the charcuterie, I used a Japanese mandoline slicer (my favorite kitchen tool!) and sliced a few paper-thin cucumber slices for added freshness. To top it all off, a sprinkle of dried rosemary.

I made a full plate for an afternoon snack and hungrily devoured most before remembering to take a photo. So, two pieces will have to do for this food pic.

Bon appetit!



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