Skill Of The Future: Writing Persuasively & Authentically

As artificial intelligence becomes more prevalent and more jobs become automated, the quality of human-ness will become increasingly in demand.

Stay ahead of the curve by crafting an authentic voice in all your communications. 

Anyone can prepare for the future by improving their writing skills--to come across as more human, more authentic. This will help you in selling your products and services. Like anything else, it takes practice.

Not convinced? Consider this:

Forget about the future, let's talk about today. Why do you need to write well?

Think about it. Every interaction you have outside of yourself requires a form of communication. Right now, you are reading my words. I crafted this message to persuade you of my main point: authentic writing with a human voice matters.

I used an entertaining opening scenario to hook you.

But seriously, the buzz word in today's branding and marketing strategies is: 


Authenticity is the quality of being real or true.

Why have social media influencers taken off? Because they used to appear authentic until large brands started to sponsor them. 

And now micro-influencers are on the rise because ...

They appear to be more authentic when compared to the influencers with huge followings that post corporate sponsored content.

Why is Instagram getting rid of 'likes'?

Because Instagram accounts and feeds have become popularity contests and users are posting things that they think will get them more 'likes' instead of posting authentic content.

Entire billion dollar companies are built around authenticity.

Take AirBnB for example. Their central offering is, you guessed it authenticity.

AirBnB's unique selling point is:

Authentic travel experiences through accommodations in real people's homes and tours & activities led by real locals.

If this is important for AirBnB, it is important for you.

Crafting an authentic voice through writing

Unless humans evolve away from verbal language, it is still the best form of communication we have to convey abstract concepts like authenticity. 

So, you need to be able to write in a way that conveys you are genuine and authentic. This skill is essential for just about anyone; not just marketing & branding specialists, not just influencers, not just freelance writers.

Let's say you're an engineer. Why would an engineer need to write well? To communicate their ideas. Ideas aren't worth much unless you can get others to agree or at least listen and consider them. If your ideas come off as difficult to understand, too technical, lacking the human connection, your messages will not get across.

Who else needs good writing skills?

Job seekers need to write authentic cover letters, the self-employed need to write convincingly so they can fire off those pitches and get the coveted well-paying projects.

If you make a physical product, offer a service, or both, you need to be able to describe them so your potential customers can clearly see how your product or service will help and benefit them all the while not losing an authentic human voice and appearing as if you're only interested in their dollars.

In my FREE guide, I will show you how to:

1) identify your audience & set a goal for your message

2) craft a voice to appeal to your audience

3) use hooks and action words to persuade

4) be clear and concise

5) be authentic!

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