The Local: 'Dragon Kiln' Singapore

I've been reading about Singapore's 'dragon kiln' for a while. Finally, this past weekend, I made it there. This place is HUGE! If you're a ceramic and pottery enthusiast, this is a must-see. 



 Left: The mouth of the 'dragon kiln'. Right: The body of the kiln on an incline with little 'windows'.

Most people come here to see the main attraction - the aptly named 'dragon kiln'. It's basically an ancient type of pottery firing set-up used throughout Asia and invented in China. The kiln is shaped like a tunnel with a mouth where the fire is started and maintained. This particular one in Singapore was built in the 1940s but there are ones in China that have been around for hundreds of years. The dragon kiln is only fired up a few times a year. I asked the lady when the next firing is and she said December. So, I guess you will have to wait!

 Peranakan style tableware

I came here expecting to see the kiln and some pottery for sale but what surprised me was the size of this place and all the other stuff there is to see! There is old Peranakan furniture, lots and lots of pottery from tiny toothpick holders to large wash basins, to antique kimonos, to new Peranakan style tableware etc.


You can even sign up for hand-built and wheel throwing pottery workshops.

What a neat discovery!