George Town Festival 2018

Recently we were invited by the Singapore Tourism Board to participate in George Town Festival. 

For those who are unfamiliar, George Town is the capital and historic center of Penang, Malaysia situated by the Malacca Strait. If you like your towns steeped in history, with atmospheric streets lined with heritage architecture then this little gem is for you.

In 2008, George Town was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site - and rightly so! Every where you turn, there is something to feast your eyes on. The historic center is quite small and is totally walkable with lots of street art and 19th century architecture to meander through and admire.

I didn't get to take that many photos during daylight as we were busy with the festival but we did manage to walk around on the first night to capture some amazing sights. 

There's lots of Chinese influence here in architecture and food as Chinese migrants landed and settled in Penang in the 19th century. Speaking of food ... Penang is well known for its take on SE Asian food and we did manage to try some local fares but I forgot to take photos of any, ha! Too hungry for futzing around with the camera.

Here we were displaying our porcelain jewelry.

It was a neat experience and we had a great time although I wish we had a little more time during the day to fill our bellies with local cuisine as some of the more well known food places close early and don't do dinner service.

And here's a parting shot. Just love these circular walls in Chinese courtyards.

x 'til next time!